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What You Never Knew About Pennants

Posted: 3-14-13 | Parker Flags

At Parker Flags we have some high quality pennants for sale at great prices. Pennants are so diverse and have such a rich history about them that we thought we would take some time and dive into why these three sided objects have been in use for so long to represent so many different things.

The most commonly recognized pennants today are likely the ones used throughout the world of sports. These pennants are commemorative of specific teams and are seen at all levels of sports, from high school all the way up to the professional levels. They are traditionally made of felt and keep to the conventional design specifications of a three sided, elongated triangle. The color of the pennants varies depending on the team or city which they represent and they are often adorned with team names and mascots.

Major League Baseball pennants are likely the most widely recognized pennants throughout the sports world. A pennant in baseball is flown by each team during any given season, at the end of each season, the last several weeks are known as the “pennant race.” In addition to each team’s individual pennants, there is typically a league pennant that is hoisted and flown during this time. At the end of a series, the pennant of the team that won the series, as well as the series pennant itself, can be flown from the winning team’s stadium. Teams may issue a limited edition pennant during this time which commemorates the team’s championship by listing the team name, the league, and the year of the championship.

Pennants are also used outside of the world of sports. Many naval forces throughout the world have particular pennants designed to commemorate funerals or memorial services for members of the military they have lost. In Great Britain, every ship that serves in the Navy has a pennant number assigned to it; these pennant numbers, as well as the name of the vessel are often used to identify the vessel. Some speculate that these pennants which marked the vessels were used in order to determine which ships were friendly, and which were foes.

Pennants are used throughout the world is many more various ways, and we will continue to explore the rich history behind the manner in which they are used in the coming weeks. If you are looking for pennants for your next celebration, make sure that you check out Parker Flags wide variety of pennants and pennant strings.