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Flag The Technology

Flag The Technology

Flag the Technology was developed to prevent conventional fields from being contaminated with herbicides not specific to their contents.

The inexpensive method of color indication with marker flags for crops prevents agricultural pilots from the misapplication of pesticides.

This way, no confusion takes place in larger fields when using multiple colors of marker flags for pesticide application and agriculture flags. This is referred to as stacked technology fields.

The preferred flag for crop identification markers is a 12″ × 18″ triangle mounted on a 6' whip-style fiberglass pole. The color options are bright green, bright yellow, red, white, as well as black and white checks, purple, and teal (slightly higher priced).

Flag the Technology Flag Color System

  • Red : Conventional (no herbicides)
  • White : Roundup Ready Technology
  • Bright Green : Liberty Link Technology
  • Bright Yellow : Clearfield Technology
  • Black & White Checkered : Xtend (dicamba) Technology
  • Teal : Enlist Technology
  • Purple : Provisia Technology

Adding two or more colors of marker flags for crops to a field indicates stacked technology.

If you have any questions about the Flag the Technology program or marker flags for pesticide application contact us.