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The Importance And Meaning Of Construction Marking Flags

Posted: 10-3-13 | Parker Flags

Marking flags have important uses in a number of industries. Most often, they help maintain safety on job sites. They come in numerous colors, with each color representing a different type of underground utility. Because there are so many different colors, it can be hard to know what each one means.

However, once you understand the color system, construction marking flags become important parts of any job site and contribute to the overall safety of the project. For all kinds of construction marking flags and agricultural marking flags, check out Parker Flags and Pennants. We carry an incredible array of flags, banners, and pennants for just about every occasion and situation, and we offer free shipping on most items.

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The Meaning Of Marking Flag Colors

Here are some of the construction marking flags colors and what they signify, according to the American Public Works Association (APWA) Uniform Color Codes.

Red indicates an electric power line, cables, conduit or lighting cables.

  1. Yellow indicates natural gas lines, oil, petroleum, steam or other gaseous and potentially flammable material.
  2. Orange is for telecommunication lines, cable TV and alarm or signal lines.
  3. Blue indicates drinkable water.
  4. Green is for sewers lines and drains.
  5. White is for proposed excavation routes and limits.
  6. Purple is for irrigation, reclaimed water or slurry.
  7. Pink is used to mark temporary survey areas.

Many different industries use these colored marking flags, from utility construction to landscaping, advertising and lawn care. Anyone working in these industries would be wise to keep plenty of these flags on hand in various colors, so they always are readily available. It also is important for people to understand the meanings of the colors, so they can stay safe.

Agricultural Marking Flags, Construction Marking Flags And More

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