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Pennant Strings Are An Eye-Catching Design For Sports Teams, Businesses And More

Posted: 11-25-13 | Parker Flags

The pennant string is actually an innovation on the triangle-shaped pennant. Instead of a single pennant attached to a stick or pole, the string has a whole bunch of them in a row. It’s a striking design that catches the eye.

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Pennant strings are great for promoting a business or special event. They are bright and dynamic, and they draw attention. For any kind of flag, pennant, streamer or marker, check out Parker Flags and Pennants. Our online flag store has an extensive array of products at great prices. For more information, Call Us At 800-693-2258 Today!

History Of The Pennant

Pennants are most closely associated with sporting events, particularly baseball. The tapered flag in the shape of an elongated triangle is a common sight during games, where each team has its own particular pennants featuring its logo or emblem or maybe a mascot. Enthusiastic fans will often wave their team’s pennant during a game as they cheer it on to victory.

Pennants become an even more common sight during important games like playoffs. A special league pennant might be flown at that time, and both the team and league pennants might be flown after a win. Often, pennants commemorate teams or special games, and fans will buy them and use them as decorations. It is not uncommon to see them on the walls of college dorm rooms or in the bedrooms of sports fans. Besides sporting events, pennants are also used by various naval forces around the world.

A memorial pennant might be flown along with the national flag during a memorial service. Both flags are then presented to the surviving family members. In Britain, the Royal Navy has an assigned pennant number for every ship, a tradition that goes back centuries. From sports to military to royalty, the pennant carries a wide variety of meanings for many cultures. To make a striking impact for a business, church, special event or sale, try pennant strings. Parker Flags and Pennants is an online flag store that carries a great selection at great prices.

For more information, Call Us At 800-693-2258 Today!