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Bicycle Safety Flags And Other Tips For Bicycle Safety

Posted: 10-14-13 | Parker Flags

Bicycle safety flags are just one great way to keep people safe while they are riding their bikes. Although bicycle accidents and fatalities have been on the decline for the last 20 years, the statistics clearly show that dangers still exist. More than 30,000 bicyclists are involved in accidents each year in the United States alone. The biggest danger for bicycles is motor-vehicle collisions. This is even truer for children, who are smaller and less visible than adults.

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One of the best ways to be safer while riding a bike is to use bicycle safety flags. These flags are brightly colored and stick up over the bike, making them easy to spot. We carry a wide assortment of highly visible bicycle safety flags, including custom-printed flags as well as flags for many other purposes and occasions.

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From bike flags to soccer corner-marker flags to U.S. flags, we have it all. Our bicycle flag set includes sturdy, fiberglass whip rods, pennants and brackets. For help finding the right product for your particular needs, Call Us At 800-693-2258 Today! Remember these important tips when it comes to bicycle safety:

1. Stay Visible

Using bicycle safety flags is the best way to increase visibility, but it’s also important to have reflectors in place and wear bright clothing. Wearing a reflective vest is smart, especially if it’s necessary to travel in the evening or early morning. Staying out of a driver’s blind spot also is a good idea. The goal is to make sure vehicles can see the bicycle.

2. Be On The Defensive

Staying alert to what drivers are doing is essential. There are a lot of hazards to watch out for: cars and trucks changing lines or turning, loose gravel or sand, opening vehicle doors, dogs or other animals crossing the street. It always is important to keep an eye out. At intersections or when entering a roadway, look carefully in all directions before proceeding.

3. Be Predictable

Bicycle riders can’t always predict what people will do, but they can make sure that others, especially drivers of cars and trucks, know what they are doing. Being predictable by going with the flow of traffic, obeying traffic signs and using hand signals all help. Remember to not make sudden, unexpected turns, stops or lane changes, and never press your luck at a yellow light. These are just a few tips to avoid bicycle accidents. Of course, wearing a bike helmet and riding safely also are essential. If your bike doesn’t have a safety flag, it’s a good idea to purchase one. We have many colors and styles to choose from, including custom-printed flags. We also carry a wide assortment of other kinds of flags to meet any need. For more information or to find the right product for your situation, Call Us At 800-693-2258 Today!