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All About Our Flag

Posted: 2-10-17 | Parker Flags

It's been some time since we've updated our Parker Flags blog, so our first post of the new year is celebrating our own U.S. Flag.

Did you know the American Flag is the 3rd oldest in the world? It was first authorized on June 14, 1777 (now observed as Flag Day throughout the country) and it was first flown from Fort Stanwix on August 3, 1777.

Our flag is no ordinary flag. It was first decreed that there should be a star and stripe for each state (representing the original 13 colonies). The colors had symbolism too: The red is for valor, zeal and fervency; the white for hope purity, cleanliness of life, and rectitude of conduct; the blue, the color of heaven, for reverence to God, loyalty, sincerity, justice and truth.

When Vermont (in 1791) and Kentucky (in 1792) were admitted to the Union. the number of stars and stripes was raised to fifteen in correspondence. As other states came into the Union it became apparent there would be too many stripes. So in 1818 Congress enacted that the number of stripes be reduced and restricted to the thirteen representing the thirteen original states, and a star would be added for each state that joined the union. This is a law that remains in place to this day!

Where did the name Old Glory come from?

We've all heard our flag referred to as Old Glory. That name dates back to August 10, 1831, and was bestowed by Captain William Driver of the brig Charles Doggett.

Here are some other interesting facts:

1. The United States Flag was first carried in battle at the Brandywine, September 11, 1777.

2. The Flag first flew over foreign territory on January 28, 1778 when Fort Nassau (in the Bahama Islands) was captured by the Americans in the war for independence.

3. The first foreign salute to the flag was made by French Admiral Piquet in February, 1778.

Our United States Flag has a rich and interesting history. At Parker Flags, our flags are proudly made right here in the USA. Click here to see our vast selection at low prices (and shipped free of charge throughout the country).