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Size 0 International Code Flag Set with rope & toggle

$679.95 each

By popular demand we offer this magnificent AMERICAN MADE complete 40 flag International Code of Signals flag set in size 0. Each set includes 26 Alphabet flags, 10 Numeral pennants, 3 Repeater pennants and a Code Answering pennant and comes with a handy nylon storage bag.

Made of 100% Solarguard nylon and finished with a strong nylon distance line and solid wood toggle, these all-dyed flags are constructed for maximum durability in adverse weather conditions.



All-Dyed designs. Made in U.S.A.- Made of 100% SolarGuard Nylon. Finished with Nylon rope, distance lines and ash toggles. Each set consists of 26 alphabet Flags, 11 pennants and 3 substitute Flags. Each 40 piece set includes a handy Nylon storage bag.

Size 0

Flags: 1 x 1/4'

Pennants: 2/3 x 2'

Substitutes: 2/3 x 1 1/3'