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Why You Should Never Remove Your Bicycle Safety Flag

Posted: 11-15-13 | Parker Flags

Many new bicycles, especially those for younger riders, are sold with safety flags attached to the rear tire or fender. With their long poles and brightly-colored flags, it's easy to see why kids don't find them cool. In fact, many riders remove them the first chance they get. But parents should insist that their kids keep them on. Why?

Safer daytime riding

Bicycling after dark is made much safer with the addition of reflectors that can be mounted on the front, rear, and even the tires of most bikes. But what about during the day, when reflectors cannot send back the light from the headlamps to oncoming drivers? Flags, on the other hand, are easy to see, even at several hundred feet. This gives motorists the time they need to adjust their speed and give bike riders a wide berth.

Accident prevention

When shopping for a bicycle safety flag set, it is important to consider color. Most sets include bright red, orange, or yellow flags. Each of those colors can easily catch the eye of approaching motorists, but red is probably the most popular color for daytime driving, while yellow and orange work better at night.