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Why Is Bicycle Safety So Important? Tips, Gear & Advice to Stay Safe

Posted: 5-20-14 | Parker Flags

Many bicycle accidents happen with a cyclist and a car because the bicycle was not seen by the driver of the car. Even if a cyclist is careful and obeys the law, accidents can still happen. Let’s discuss some bicycle safety tips, why bicycle safety is so important and some gear that can help you to stand out and prevent possible accidents.

Why is bicycle safety so important?

Riding a bicycle is a great form of exercise and a great mode of transportation. In recent years, use of the bicycle in the United States has increased as more people are looking to cut fuel costs and get in better shape. With more people out and about on bicycles, it’s important to always remember that safety is key— no matter what age or experience level you are. Taking safety precautions isn’t always about your ability; rather it’s about making yourself visible to others on the road and preventing accidents.

Keep in mind when riding your bicycle that you need to follow the rules of the road. Pay attention to traffic lights and stop signs and obey them. Even if you think you’re aware enough to know that you don’t need to stop, you never know when a car could come speeding down the road. In addition, you should use hand signals when changing lanes if you’re riding in the road. This is the best way for you to communicate to motorist what your intentions are.

Bicycle Safety Gear

The number one item of bicycle safety gear is a helmet. Wearing a helmet can save your life if an accident were to occur, such as a fall or a collision with an automobile. Make sure the helmet you are wearing is the proper fit, and if you’re not sure what fit you need you should visit a bicycle store to ask for advice from the staff.

Another important item of bicycle safety gear is reflective clothing. Reflective clothing is especially important for nighttime riding or riding in foggy conditions. Likewise, having reflectors and/or bicycle lights will increase your visibility if you are riding in low light environments.

While bright and reflective gear can help you to stand out at night or in foggy environments, bicycle flags are a great way to increase your visibility during the daytime. Drivers often have difficulty noticing a child or adult on a bicycle during the daytime, especially at intersections when they are looking for other cars, or when they are parked and opening the car doors. A bicycle safety flag, when combined with other bicycle safety gear, can make a huge difference in keeping cyclists from getting hit by cars.

Bicycle Safety Flags

Our bicycle safety flag sets are 10” x 12” triangles of colored PlastiCloth that come with a fiberglass whip-style pole and plated steel mounting brackets. The mounting brackets are used to secure the bicycle flag and pole to the rear axle of the bike. They come in a variety of fluorescent and regular colors, including red, orange, green and yellow, to make them stand out while you’re riding.

In the end, bicycle safety is more than just wearing a helmet or using a bicycle flag. It comes down to being aware of your surroundings, obeying traffic laws, and respecting and sharing the road with motorists. Making sure you can be seen and riding safely will go a long way in preventing a bicycle accident.

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