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Where did fireworks come from

Posted: 6-29-12 | Parker Flags

Fireworks became a part of our American Independence day celebration from the very beginning. The Constitutional Congress insisted on them as a way to celebrate our independence from foreign nations. But where exactly do fireworks come from?

Fireworks are used the world over to celebrate everything from New Years celebrations to victory in sports matches. The first known reference to fireworks is over 2000 years ago when a cook accidentally mixed charcoal, sulphur, and salpetre and compressed it into a bamboo tube. Some people claim that this individual was actually trying to invent gun powder instead of fireworks, but the real question is, what were charcoal, sulphur, and salpetre doing in the kitchen?

A more certain fact about fireworks is that the firecracker was invented nearly 1000 years ago. It was created to ward off evil spirits with its loud bangs and bright flashes.

From Britain’s Guy Fawkes Day, to the Chinese New Year, to our very own 4th of July Independence Day celebration, every nation has its own special night where fireworks light up the sky and scare dogs, children and grandmothers alike. Remember to stay safe this year as you’re waving your American flag and eating your hot dogs, and know that what you’re watching explode in the sky is connecting you to generations past who have done the same.