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What Can a Feather Flag Do For You?

Posted: 9-23-12 | Parker Flags

Do you have a grand opening coming up? An unbelievable sale to mark the end of summer and get customers excited for the fall shopping season? Want to know the best way to show off to your potential clients and customers that you are open for business and serious about it? Feather flags! 30 years ago people would have aviators fly planes with messages attached to them in order to get the word out that they were having a sale, these days there’s no need to do that with feather flags.

Commonly found outside of sports events or retail outlets, they are an incredibly cost effective way in which to get your message out to the general public. Shaped like a feather, these flags will wave with the wind in order to try and get the attention of your future customers. They are easy to install, maintain, and take down and are highly portable.

If your business is just opening, or if you’ve been around for years and are just looking for new ways to attract business, feather flags are definitely the best option for you, call or click to find out more about our low cost feather flags today!