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The Power And Effectiveness Of Using Advertising Flags

Posted: 12-30-13 | Parker Flags

There are so many ways to advertise your business outdoors that it can be hard to figure out what way will work the best. One interesting option is to use custom advertising flags, which create dynamic movement to draw the eye and deliver your message in a creative way.

Buy Custom Flags Online

If you’re looking to buy custom flags online, check out Parker Flags and Pennants. We can custom design advertising flags to meet your specific needs. For more information, Call Us At 800-693-2258 Today! The best thing about advertising with flags is that the flags can be designed in any shape or size, so they can meet the needs of any particular promotional campaign.

They come in a variety of styles. Message flags, for example, usually contain some kind of brief instructions. This could be information about a sale that is taking place, or it could be an announcement about a new product or a new store location. Whatever the case, the flag gives a way to share that message with everyone who passes by, so that people will be drawn in to your business.

Also, because flags move in the wind, they create a rippling effect that strongly attracts attention, and people will notice the movements out of the corner of their eye. This draws attention in a way that a static sign does not. Of course, attractive graphics and lettering only enhance the draw.

Durable And Eye-Catching

These kinds of flags are durable because they are intended for outdoor use. Consequently, you should get years of use out of them before you see any deterioration. This makes them a good financial investment, although they can also be used for a very brief sale or promotional event. If one flag is so effective at drawing attention, a whole row of them is even more so.

Lining a passageway, sidewalk or property boundary with these flags can be a creative way to make a striking visual image that will command attention from passersby. And once the flags are planted, they should remain in place, even in bad weather.

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This is an affordable alternative to billboards, because billboards are quite a bit more expensive. Also, it should be noted that billboards are so common that it is easy for people to overlook them. However, the movement, colors and uniqueness of the flags will make them stand out from other, more common forms of advertising.

We will work with you to come up with the best and most effective design, but it needs to be something eye-catching yet simple enough that it communicates a vital message quickly. Contrasting colors works best, along with some kind of basic and appealing information.

At Parker Flags and Pennants, we can design the perfect flags to advertise your business, product, promotion or special event. If you are looking to buy custom flags online, Call Us At 800-693-2258 Today!