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Summer Holidays and Traditions You Didn't Know About - Part 2

Posted: 5-29-13 | Parker Flags

As the first days of summer are fast approaching we are continuing to take a look at traditions and rituals around the world that signify and celebrate the start of summer.


Russia is often known more for its cold tundra of land than it is for its rich summer traditions. As Russia is a very old country and filled with many rich traditions and stories depending on which part of the country you are in, there are bound to be just a few that pop up. Take for example Kupala Night. Celebrated on the night of the 23rd into the 24th, this summer holiday combines many different celebrations such as Kupala, a pagan fertility rite as well as the Orthodox Church’s Festival of St. John. The preceding night is typically considered a night for “good humor” with pranks and mischief taking place. On the day of Ivan Kupala, kids get into water fights and take part in a lot of water based pranks.


Australia is on a different seasonal schedule than a lot of the world. Their summer weather usually strikes around the middle of December, a time when the rest of the world seems to be bundled up and ready to ring in the New Year. Aussies can be found at beaches on Christmas morning, or even just trying to stay out of the sun since temperatures can be so blistering this time of year.

Millersport, Ohio

In the Midwest every year at Labor Day, there is a celebration of corn in Millersport, Ohio. Millersport is a small farming community that relies heavily on its corn crops. When the summer season is over, this community invites all to come and partake in corn eating contests, recipes made from corn, a sweet corn 5k race, and many other traditional events held at small town gatherings. While the Sweet Corn Festival may be unique to Millersport, the idea of celebrating crops throughout America by way of having a fair or a festival is not. They take place all across America and can include golf outings which incorporate high quality golf flags, cookouts, and parades with veterans waving American flags.