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Soccer Field Dimensions

Posted: 8-20-12 | Parker Flags

With the start of every school year comes a fresh chance for people of all ages to get out and play some soccer. If you’re interested in putting together a soccer team, or reffing in a league this year, you should know some of the basic dimensions of the soccer field before getting out there and marking the field off.

High school soccer field dimensions

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, a soccer field should measure 100 yards long to 110 yards long and 55 yards to 80 yards wide. These dimensions should preferably be marked off with marker flags for the sake of clarity. These dimensions are in order to accommodate those schools which hold soccer matches on football fields.

NCAA Soccer Field Dimensions

The National Collegiate Athletic Association cites that the optimum soccer field should measure 75 yards by 120 yards, again, these dimensions should be marked off by marker flags in order for everyone to know exactly where the boundary lines are. Some fields may range from 100 yards to 120 yards long and 65 yards to 80 yards wide. If a field does not abide by the boundaries, it must be approved of by prior written mutual consent of the team it is playing against.

If you are looking for high quality marker flags to mark off these dimensions on your field, whether it be high school, NCAA, or just a pickup game, make sure to check out Parker Flags’ vast array of marker flags today.