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Small Business Marketing 101: Flags

Posted: 12-2-13 | Parker Flags

Most new businesses fail. That is a proven fact. But what is seldom discussed is why they collapse. Why do new firms shudder their doors at an alarming rate in America? There are lots of reasons, of course--Murphy's Law seems to affect them disproportionately. However, there is one explanation that is almost never mentioned as a precipitating factor, even though it is almost always at play.

Getting the word out about your business in the early days is imperative. Unfortunately, most new owner are clueless when it comes to advertising. Many ignore it or simply assume it will somehow take care of itself...But it doesn't work like that! If you want to attract new customers, you must be proactive, you must take steps to improve repeat business.

Flying your own flag (literally) is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get people talking about your establishment. Whether placed above the door or on the roof, these ensigns are always eye catching. For only pennies on the dollar, you can attract attention in your local community if you simply put up a flag to promote your business.