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Safety First - Mark Your Yard With Utility Marker Flags

Posted: 8-27-14 | Parker Flags

Some people might wonder - why would you want to mark your land in the first place? The reasons to mark your lawn with spray paint or with utility marker flags are varied. A few scenarios where you may want to mark out an area would be for building a storage shed, installation of a dog house, creating a garden, adding a patio area, or enlarging a drive-way, just to name a few.

The first thing to do is to determine whether your job will require a utility locating technician to come and make the first markings. If your project requires digging (even on non-public property), you will need to make a call to get a certified utility locating technician come and mark where your underground utilities are. That is the best practice to make sure you will be able to dig confidently. You will then be ready to move forward with the project without the fear of upsetting buried utilities. In most cases, you will not need to pay for the services of the locate tech.

Once you have the underground utilities professionally located, you could then begin the whole process of marking the perimeter of your planned work area. You will have to determine whether you should use spray paint or utility flags. If it is challenging terrain (such as stones) you would use spray marking paint, but in most cases you should opt for marker flags.

The space between the utility marker flags will be determined by how much visual identification your task needs. If you are building a fence then it is recommended that the spacing is tighter, and you will have to use more flags.

You are able to purchase utility flags right here at ParkerFlags.com. Our marker flags come in boxes of 100 and sizes small and medium – we even have quantity discounts available! Get your project underway by shopping for your utility flags now!