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How Feather Flags And Banners Can Help You Promote Your Business

Posted: 12-4-13 | Parker Flags

We might not know what they're called, but most of us have seen feather flags before. What are they? These lightweight banners flap in the breeze outside car dealerships and other high-traffic areas. Unlike traditional flags, these swooper or flutter flags are much longer than they are wide, often by several times.

Most look a bit like a large surf boards planted in the sand. Of course, they are far more active! The reason flutter flags are in high demand is because they actually work. Attractive and active, these flag are incredibly eye catching. Retailers generally use them to advertise sales, brands, and grand openings. They are perhaps the most cost effective form of marketing available today.

Who needs them?

As effective as radio, television, newspaper, and internet ads may be, they are incredibly expensive compared to feather flags. Furthermore, they are not appropriate for most businesses because most businesses are not global or even national, they're local! These small shops attract customers from the neighborhood, which is generally only a few miles in radius.

As a result, these shoppers almost always learn about a business because they pass by it on a regular basis. Therefore, all the owner really needs is a way to attract their attention. A feather flag fits that bill to a tee.