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Fly A Flag For Your Company

Posted: 12-6-13 | Parker Flags

Usually used for patriotic purposes, flags can be flown for promotional ones as well. These instantly identifiable symbol are one of the most effective advertising tools around. Why is this? Because most businesses are local businesses. In other words, they appeal to a relatively small pool of potential consumers. These are folks who generally come into direct contact with advertisements, instead of hearing about them on the radio or seeing them on TV.

The reason flags are such an effective form of advertising for these shoppers is that they are recognizable and eye catching at the same time. Whether for cultural, historical, or even physiological reasons, human beings literally cannot keep their eyes off of flags. We are drawn to them no matter what they have printed on them.

Business owners can benefit from this knowledge. We know, for instance, that flags and banners that announce a sale or grand opening are highly effective at attracting new customers. Furthermore, they are incredibly inexpensive. For the cost of an ad that would run in a local newspaper and bring in maybe a few extra customers, a feather flag can be flown outside your establishment and should scare up lots of new business.