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Flags That Are Important to Golf

Posted: 8-15-14 | Parker Flags

Golf is a game that people play from childhood through old age. It’s a sport that doesn’t need that much stamina, but this does not make it any easier! Golf requires mental strength, strong arms and most important - good attitude! Golf also gives you the chance to spend time outdoors in the great company of friends and family.

In the 1800's, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club (which is the game's first official body) introduced flag sticks to mark the putt holes. Over the years, the game has evolved and seen different golf flags used to better the game beyond the marking of holes. Here are four flags that you usually find on the golf course.

Location Flags

Some golf courses use a golf course flag for every hole and then attach a smaller flag to point out the positioning of the hole. This comes in handy as it helps a golfer to decide the exact placement of the hole. The purpose is to keep the game moving along on uneven terrain and crowded courses. A smaller flag at the top of the flag stick means the hole is towards the back of the green. A middle placement means the hole is the middle of the green. A lower placement means the hole is towards the front of the green.

Blue Cart Flags

You cannot drive your golf cart near the green in order to prevent damage. To keep the course in perfect condition it is imperative to not disturb the golf course and greens. A cart that is constantly eroding the playing surface can lower the standards of the game. However, special needs golfers can to drive up to the green. They carry blue flags on top of their carts as proof that they can go beyond the stipulated radius. Learn more about what different colored golf flags mean.

Guardian Flags

Sometimes, a golfer must hit a ball to the green without exactly seeing the target. Flags are safety precautions to make sure that the ball does not hurt anyone. This is very important during big-game tournaments with tons of people in attendance. There are golf marshals that watch the game. They use hand golf flags to communicate when it is right to take a swing or putt a ball. This helps to safeguard golfers who are playing in front of other golfers and spectators gathered in attendance.

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