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Flag the Technology: Using Bicycle Flags in Farming

Posted: 4-26-12 | Parker Flags

Let's take a closer look at how our products are being used across various industries for new and unique reasons.

Take Agriculture for example, in many crops throughout America different herbicides are applied to various crops. Some crops, however, do not flourish when introduced to a new herbicide and can in fact be devastated by these chemicals. In order to prevent this misapplication of pesticides, a type of language has been developed among farmers in order to communicate which crops are using which types of technologies using bicycle flags and marker flags of different colors.

Red flags indicate conventional varieties with no herbicide technology traits and to use extreme caution in dealing with the crops. A White flag indicates the Roundup Ready Technology that is tolerant to glyphosate herbicide. Bright green flags indicate the Liberty Link Technology is being used and that this technology is tolerant to glufosinate (Ignite) herbicide. Bright yellow indicates the color chosen for Clearfield Technology. This technology is tolerant to imazamox (Beyond) herbicides.

At Parker Flags we are proud to be on the forefront of this technology by being the premier marker flag provider. Let us know in the comments how your company or industry is using our flags.