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Flag Day History & Facts

Posted: 5-19-14 | Parker Flags

Flag Day is the United States’ way of celebrating the birthday of the American Flag, and it has been officially celebrated in America since 1916 when President Wilson issued a proclamation to officially establish it. In 1949 National Flag Day was established by an act of congress, and it is celebrated each year on June 14th.

Why is Flag Day celebrated on June 14th?

It is noted in history that in 1885 BJ Cigrand, who was a schoolteacher in Wisconsin, decided to observe June 14 as 'Flag Birthday' with his students. In numerous public addresses and articles in the following years, he continued to advocate the observance of June 14 as 'Flag Birthday', or 'Flag Day'.

This date was chosen to memorialize the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened June 14th, 1777. On June 14th, 2004, congress voted that Flag Day originated in Ozaukee County, Waubeka Wisconsin, crediting Cigrand with its origination.

How is Flag Day celebrated in the United States?

The week of June 14th is celebrated as National Flag Week, and the President will urge all U.S. citizens to fly an American flag for the week, and U.S. flags are displayed on all government buildings during that week. There is an organization, the National Flag Day Foundation, which marks the holiday on the second Sunday in June each year. For their observance they will have a ceremonial flag raising, a reading of the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem is sung. They also have a parade and other festivities during the event.

Other organizations and cities across the nation celebrate Flag Day with parades and festivals, and the oldest continuing Flag Day parade is celebrated in Fairfield, Washington. The Fairfield parade began in 1909 or 1910, and has been held every year since then, except for in 1918. However, the Flag Day parade in Quincy, Massachusetts claims it is the “longest-running parade of its kind in the nation” and it has been running since 1952.

How can I celebrate Flag Day?

The best way to celebrate Flag Day is by flying the America Flag outside of your home, school or business. At Parker Flags, all of our American Flags are made in the USA, which makes them very special. We have a variety of American Flags for sale in our online store, and we hope you order one today to fly during the week of June 14th.