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Bike Safety : How to stay cool while cycling

Posted: 7-30-12 | Parker Flags

Bike Safety Tips

While riding a bike can be one of the most enjoyable means of getting around, it also poses many risks to those who participate in it. Fortunately, with a little planning and some prior knowledge, you can navigate around these obstacles just as easily as you navigate your new mode of transportation.

During the summer, the biggest obstacle to navigate is of course, the heat. Being outside for long periods of time can have a negative effect on anyone when it’s particularly hot out, the risk of harming yourself increases when the amount of physical activity an individual participates in increases. With that being said, here are a few ways you can keep cool while biking.

1) Wrap an ice cold bandana around your neck.

If you’ve ever wondered why bicyclists have these bandanas wrapped around their neck, this is the reason, to keep them cool. Some people even choose to buy bandanas with pockets in them in order to stuff them with ice. As the ice melts, the freezing water drips down their neck, back, and chest cooling them off.

2) Freeze your water bottle the night before your ride.

To keep your water colder longer, consider freezing your water bottle the night before a big ride. The ice will melt as you ride along and keep your water cold throughout the day. Remember that when doing this to always make sure to only fill your water bottle ¾ of the way in order to ensure your water bottle won’t burst when it freezes as ice expands water.

3) Wear the right clothing

If you’ve ever seen a group of bicyclists ride by you and you aren’t acquainted with their typical garb, you’d think they were on their way to fight an alien invasion. However, their specialized gear keeps them safe and cool in longer rides under a hot sun. While you won’t need to dole out a ton of cash and dress like you’re in the Tour de France, but you should invest in some sensible technical fabrics such as that will wick away sweat. Overall, make sure that you’re comfortable in your clothing; wear it on a short ride before you decide to take it on a long haul to ensure that you feel good in the clothing you’ve chosen.

Alongside these easy to follow bike safety tips, as well as following the rules of the road, you should be able to stay safe and cool this summer. Don’t forget to check out Parker Flags assortment of bike safety flags if you have an even coming up that needs them, or feel free to search our store for any and all flag needs.