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Bicycle Safety Tips & Gear

Posted: 12-5-14 | Parker Flags

Each year bicycle accidents happen with a cyclist and a motor vehicle because the bicycle was not seen by the driver of the car. Even if a cyclist is careful and obeys the law, accidents can still happen. Read through our bike safety tips below and safety gear to help keep you safe on the road or download our quick tips.

Bicycle Safety Tips

  1. Wear a bicycle helmet – This is top bicycle safety item and should be worn at all times. Make sure your helmet fits properly and consult a bike store for questions about fit.
  2. Use a bike safety flag – Having a bright, reflective flag on your bicycle can you stand out when riding on the road. This could help motorists be more aware of you.
  3. Learn turn signals and use when riding your bike – Using the proper turn signals will help drivers understand your intent while on the road.
  4. Be Alert – Pay attention when riding during dawn, dusk and night and make sure to ride with traffic.

Bicycle Safety Flags

We offer bicycle safety flag sets for a reasonable price. They’re featured in bright colors, such as red, orange, green and yellow and they come with a flag pole and mounting bracket. The mounting brackets are used to secure the bicycle flag and pole to the rear axle of the bike. These flags allow you to stand out while riding.

In the end, bicycle safety is more than just wearing a helmet or using a bicycle flag. It comes down to being aware of your surroundings, obeying traffic laws and respecting and sharing the road with motorists. Making sure you can be seen and riding safely will go a long way in preventing a bicycle accident.

Contact us if you have any questions about bike safety flags!