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ATV Safety

Posted: 8-8-12 | Parker Flags

Long summer weekends mean plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy nature however you best see fit. For some people this means taking the four-wheeler out and going mudding in some nearby woods. While this sport is tons of fun if you know what you’re doing, it can also be pretty dangerous if you don’t. Below are some ATV safety tips that we suggest you follow this summer.

  • Read the owner’s manual thoroughly to make sure you understand it.
  • Prior to your first operation of an ATV, take a course from a certified instructor, just as you would with any vehicle you operate.
  • Always wear eye protection, a helmet, and make sure you have proper protective clothing
  • Ride within your ability, use common sense, and most importantly, always be alert
  • Never ever consume alcohol and ride
  • Avoid paved surfaces and public roads
  • Do not allow children under 16 to operate a youth model ATV without proper adult supervision
  • 1 person at a time on an ATV, unless it is noted that a model is specifically designed for multiple riders
  • Be extra careful on difficult terrains
  • Do not open throttle or make sudden unexpected gear changes on a hill
  • Test your brakes after leaving water
  • Carry tools and spare parts during your rides, make sure you know how to perform simple field repairs

Stay safe out there and enjoy your ride and make sure to check out our ATV flags if you have an event coming up.