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ATV Safety and ATV Flags

Posted: 1-25-13 | Parker Flags

This season when the snow starts to melt and we move into Spring, if you live anywhere with enough open land, you’re bound to see plenty of ATV’s buzzing around. One of the surest ways to stay safe when riding an ATV is to have an ATV flag firmly attached to your ATV. This is to let others know where you are at all times so that they aren’t caught off guard when they are out hiking. Along with an ATV flag, here are some other simple steps you can take to make sure that if you are riding an ATV your are staying safe while having fun.

1) Always wear the proper equipment while riding, this includes wearing a helmet to keep your head safe, as well as goggles, boots, and gloves alongside long sleeved shirts and long pants.

2) Always stay off of paved roads, ATVs are designed specifically to be used off road, riding them on a paved road can lead to injury.

3) Ride an ATV that is proper for your age, this includes making sure it is the correct size for you as well as making sure that individuals under the age of 16 are being consistently supervised, remember, while these ATVs may be fun, that does not mean they are toys, they are serious, heavy vehicles.

4) Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs, this should go without saying, but again, these ATVs can be seriously dangerous when improperly used.

Have fun out there when you hit the trails that have been clearly marked with marker flags, and make sure that the next time you decide to ride around out there that you have an ATV flag from Parker Flags to let everyone know where you are at all times.