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Advertising 101: Feather Flags

Posted: 12-11-13 | Parker Flags

What does it take to get peoples' attention in the modern age? Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be flamboyant, outrageous, or even salacious. Most of the old methods of advertising are highly effective, especially on a local basis. Take the flag, for example.

There's a reason why most businesses fly advertising flags when they first open their door to the public. Grand opening ensigns are among the most cost-effective marketing methods around. Best of all, they actually work! Numerous studies have shown that flags are almost impossible to ignore. They attract nearly every passing eye as they flutter in the breeze. But instead of actually planting a traditional flag, the modern version is a stand-up model that serves the same purpose.

Made of light-weight fabrics that are attached to an aluminum frame, feather flags are quite popular. Used at sporting events, grand openings, and outside of car dealerships, these flags have several obvious advantages over their predecessors. First and most importantly, they are stand-up models that need not be planted in the earth. As a result, they are easy to set up and highly portable. Owners can use and reused them as they please based on need