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Advertise Homes for Sale with Real Estate Flags Instead of Yard Signs

Posted: 3-26-14 | Parker Flags

If you work in Real Estate you most likely have a ton of real estate signs and yard signs lying around in your garage and in the back of your vehicle. People have been using real estate signs for a long time and it has become the standard in the industry, but if you want to stand out the typical yard sign might not be enough. Real estate flags can help you to make a splash and make your property stand out!

Why advertise homes for sale with real estate flags instead of a yard signs?

  • Size: Real estate flags are much longer than the typical yard sign. These large flags draw more attention from people driving or walking by and are sure to make a statement.
  • Color: Our real estate flags come in many colors and they can even be custom designed with your agency’s colors if you’d like. This means you can draw more attention that a standard white sign with black font. And you can make it totally unique!
  • Custom Display: By placing one or more real estate flags in the yard, you will be able to create your own custom display. Different messages can be used, “Open House,” “Welcome,” and “Leasing” are just a few options.

At Parker Flags we offer custom feather real estate flags in addition to pre-printed flags. All of our flags are made in the USA and most orders qualify for free shipping.

Shop our Real Estate Flags section and give us a call if you have any questions.