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5 Reasons Why Promotional Flags Are Ideal For Business

Posted: 1-7-14 | Parker Flags

When brainstorming advertising options for your business, choosing to buy promotional flags probably isn’t your first idea, but maybe it should be. If one flag is enough to represent an entire country, then why shouldn’t it do the same for your business?

Each business is different, so to accommodate a number of unique tastes, we offer a variety of flag choices, including customized designs. To inquire about our products or to hear about pricing, Call Us At 800-693-2258 Today! If color and pattern options just aren’t enough to sway your decision, check out this list of reasons why buying an advertising flag is actually a great idea.

1. Mobility Isn’t A Problem

Advertising flags are lightweight and portable. This makes it easy to mount them wherever you need, and then, take them down for relocation or replacement.

2. Installation Is A Breeze

Along with being almost effortless to move, promotional flags come with stress-free installation. Because most flags consist of fiber or similar material, the installation process takes little to no time at all.

3. Buying Advertising Flags Is Cheaper Than Other Methods Of Advertisement

Air time on television, radio ads and even commercial billboards will cost a significant amount more than the price of a few promotional flags. There is a one-time fee for the materials and printing, so instead of paying monthly for a commercial, try cutting down the cost for an ad that can be up all year.

4. Promote More Of Your Business

Flags stand out, so you can use them for more than the opening of your business. Use them to promote new products, special offers, a new website, upcoming contests or free gift wrapping.

5. Choosing A Flag That Pertains To You

Flags are available in numerous sizes and can be decorated with whatever text or designs you want. This gives you the opportunity to represent your business and its message exactly how you pictured it in your mind. At Parker Flags, we offer products ranging from banners to pennant strings, nautical flags and promotional flags. For more information on pricing or products, Call Us At 800-693-2258 Today!