Code Signal Flags

As sold to the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, major shipping lines, yachters and boaters, these magnificent AMERICAN MADE complete 40 flag sets include 26 Alphabet flags, 10 Numeral pennants, 3 Repeater pennants and a Code Answering pennant. All complete sets are supplied with a durable storage/carrying bag.

Constructed in top-quality Nylon to withstand the toughest conditions, all 40 flags are sewn throughout with double-stitched seams and all in approved colors.

Signal sets 0 through 10 come complete with your choice of Rope Distance Lines and Ash Toggles or Heading & Grommets. Size 14 International code signal flags come complete with Brass Snaps & Rings as standard fittings (a $300.00 value).

All 40 flags are also sold individually for your convenience.